"When I shot my first in-game photo, something clicked, and it wasn't the shutter"

How it Started

I’m Steve Wyper, Founder of Epic Fidelity. I’m a graphic designer and commercial photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I am currently working within the Sim Racing and gaming sector. A snippet of my real-world work can be seen below, and for more of this, you can check out my personal portfolio here.

A passion for photography

As an active sim racer and casual gamer mixed with a background in commercial photography. Virtual in-game photography has captured my imagination in ways that I could never have predicted. The complete freedom to create in worlds beyond my existence kind of blows my mind and I get the same satisfaction creating in-game images as I do in my professional work.

Sim Racing, Flight Simulation & Gaming

I’ve always been a casual gamer with a slight bias towards racing games, and have been in and out of racing sims from 2013. This allowed me decide to move into the gaming sector as a graphic designer and commercial photographer, which has brought me here—writing about Virtual Photography and looking to open up a new world to traditional photographers worldwide through the Virtual Photography Blog.