Video Game Photography Copyright


Who Owns The Copyright to my Video Game Photography Who owns the copyright to your in-game photography captures? You do! But unfortunately, it’s not quite as clear cut as that. You may own the copyright to the actual capture, but the video game is a commercial asset to the publisher and subject to Intellectual Property… Continue reading Video Game Photography Copyright


THE BEST OF THE BEST GAMES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS IN 2021 2021 and the few previous years have been great for virtual game photographers and traditional photographers alike. The rapid advancement in technology, together with how developers are integrating photo mode’s into most of today’s games, makes it very exciting for anyone interested in virtual game… Continue reading GAMES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Make Epic Game Photos with Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 photo mode is one of the best in-game photo modes around. Follow this beginners tutorial as we take you through step by step how to achieve the best results. What do you need to get started? So let’s first have a quick chat about what you need to get up and running.… Continue reading Make Epic Game Photos with Forza Horizon 5

Mac or PC for In-game Photography?

F1 2021

Introduction Virtual in-game photography has grown very fast in the last few years. Partly due to technological advancements, games implementing a “photo mode” directly and gamers and photographers starting to realise the potential of virtual photography. So is in-game photography better on a PC or Mac? And the answer to this question is PC. PC… Continue reading Mac or PC for In-game Photography?

What do I Need for In-Game Photography?

Introduction In-game photography is becoming more mainstream. Just a few years ago, many photographers would have turned their noses up at anyone talking about virtual photography, and for some, it can still be quite difficult to get their head around. I believe perception is changing, and this virtual photography world is going to explode, and… Continue reading What do I Need for In-Game Photography?

The Three Best Games to Get Started in Virtual Photography


Introduction ¬† Virtual photography, also known as in-game photography, has recently seen a massive rise in popularity. We see creative gamers all over the globe getting their arty-farty side out in many of today’s popular video games. Even pro photographers are getting drawn into this new and developing world of virtual photography. Do you fancy… Continue reading The Three Best Games to Get Started in Virtual Photography

What is In-Game or Virtual Photography

Is Virtual Photography the future? At first, this in-game photography or virtual photography thing sounds like a bit of nonsense. So far the hobby or profession has flown under the radar of most but with the rapid surge in the technology of today’s computers and graphics cards the results can be jaw-dropping, and I can’t… Continue reading What is In-Game or Virtual Photography